The Abandoned Factory is a location in NieR:Automata, and the first area encountered in-game. The large industrial complex, once used for manufacturing the P-22 and P-33 model of robots, was converted for use by the machines, and serves as the site for several main story events.


The factory sits west of the City Ruins, and is initially entered via flight units as 2B and several other YoRHa make their descent, with 9S already on reconnaissance duty when first playing as him during Route B.

Points of Interest

Factory Entrance Access.png
The factory's access point rests below the stairs to the entrance. The machines jamming its signal must be eliminated for it to go online.

Factory Elevator Front.png
The elevator to the Underground Area becomes available for access during Chapter 10, as 2B investigates the Factory Machines per the Commander's orders.

A Pious Robot's Will can be found just before the elevator during Route C.

Factory Shortcut.png
A series of makeshift shortcuts leading back to the site of 2B's fight with Marx can be made available when further inside.

Virtuous Treaty location.png
Virtuous Treaty is seen staked on the ground once 2B is informed of her lost equipment via mail, with her destroyed body further ahead.

YoRHa blade location.png
11B's escape plan is acquired along with her weapon during 11B's Memento.

A160 location.png
A160: Missile can be picked up atop a shipping container close to the first Marx fight during Route C.

Factory Cafeteria Sign location.png
The Factory Cafeteria Sign is in a locked chest close to the elevator leading to the Furnace. Requires 9S.

Factory Elevator Back.png
The elevator to the underground area's furnace becomes available for access after 2B destroys So-Shi.


  • The power in the factory will be mostly cut off after 2B's escape. Subsequent trips during Route C will require heavy use of the flashlight while exploring.
  • The Engels unit that 2B and 9S fight in the prologue will be seen resting at the entrance, with the only sign of its presence being its unlit head.
  • Pascal attempts to save the rest of the peaceful machines by taking them to the factory in Ch. 14-05. His efforts fail as the children machines opt to commit suicide instead, which leads him to ask A2 to either wipe his memories or kill him.
    • The player may take a third option and choose to walk away instead.
  • Virtuous Treaty can be acquired immediately after landing at the City Ruins without waiting for the Commander's mail.