曖昧ナ希望/翠雨 - Vague Hope is a track in NieR:Automata from the original game soundtrack featuring vocals performed by Emi Evans, composed by Keiichi Okabe and produced by Akio Shiraishi along with the rest of the album.

Lyrics Edit

No official lyrics for this song are available. The lyrics that appear on this page have been unofficially transcribed and transliterated.

Reia nu sheri
Vish pha le ghathi
Ye lett kai shinessa
Vap fasa fa ruli

D phra dret cgrahl
Sya lenet clafo
O me qfilaha yo b fa
Foa mi Do exi syunaha la

syulow del falta rarni
Zen nio fo hasyua ka rurni mi syula
Ye lett
Kreigha dza
Ye lett fumi
Pha jirao fou det ma
Reiha cra
Mi syalenbi syeelu
D fatlu fi faka

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