The Amusement Park is a location in NieR:Automata, encountered after 2B and 9S's fight with Adam in the Desert Zone. The pair were lured here by Simone, who had crucified a large number of androids with their black box signals still active.

The area also serves as the site of the God Box during the second half of the game. The Theater subsequently becomes unavailable for entry once 9S goes after the Park Access Key, as the structure ends up resting on the bridge.


The park can be reached by exploring the sewer system on the edges of the City Ruins and climbing a steep ladder. After taking a tour around the park, the player can gain access to a side-route around the back of the attractions. This long wooden bridge eventually leads to Pascal's Village.

Points of Interest

Park Rabbit.png
The Amusement Park Rabbit can be triggered by attacking it until it gets angry.

Park Shop.png
The Park Shopkeeper's inventory varies over the course of the game, starting with fairly mundane materials, but will stock up on rare materials after multiple main story endings.

Mysterious Invitation.png
The Mysterious Invitation (DLC required), gains you access to the elevator in the cracked wall. Using it will take the player to a basement level with a terminal to view Plato 1728's memories.

Park Pipe.png
Taking the ladder near the entrance back down, head through the rubble and up another ladder to find a hollowed out tree stump with Virtuous Dignity in its center.

Park Village Route.png
Taking a back route leads to a wooden bridge which eventually takes you to Pascal's Village.|}


  • Most of the machines in the park are passive and happy to help androids passing through. Like the machines encountered in City Ruins early on, they will still turn hostile if attacked.
  • Machines in this area drop the plug-in chips Damage Absorb (Medium Biped, Gun Equipped), Critical Up (Small and Medium Biped on the roller coaster), Drop Rate Up (Small Flyer) and EXP Gain Up (Small Stubby). On Route B and later, Medium Bipeds also have a chance of dropping Stun.