Angel's Folly is a weapon in NieR:Automata.


Weapons fashioned in parts unknown to resemble the holy wings of angels.


  • Purchasable from Emil's Shop along the Resistance Camp route for 25,000G. Requires the "Wayyy Bored" mail from Emil for the weapon to show up in his stock.

Weapon Story

Once, there was a demon who held an affinity for angels. He dreamed of serving alongside them and their god, yet cursed the impossibility of it all. Then one day, he came to earth, bringing himself a step closer to heaven.

An angel was sent to slay the demon. When the evil one saw his foe, he burst into tears and revealed his plan. "Please," the demon begged, "you must give me a set of white wings for my very own!"

The angel agreed to trade a set of white wings for the head of another demon. Overjoyed, the demon killed one of his own and plucked the head right off its still-warm body.

The angel then led the demon to heaven, where he underwent centuries of the cruelest tortures imaginable. Finally, the pain was so great that he lost consciousness—at which point his dark wings turned the promised shade of white.