Axe of Beheading is a weapon in NieR RepliCant, NieR Gestalt, and NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139....


A man's dementia drove him to attack his daughter's fiancé with this axe. Sadly, he hit his daughter instead.


  • Sold by the Village Blacksmith for 19,200 Gold during the second half of the game.

Weapon Story

There once was a ritual gathering of spirits held on the night of the tenth full moon of the year. During the ceremony, they would gather on the shores of a lake and boast to one another of all the evil deeds they had performed during the year.

The first spirit took great joy in telling of the unfathomably cruel ways she had killed some of the finest soldiers in the land.

Over the year, she had transformed her shape into a lady of the night and called out to various men, then tore off every last piece of their body when they came to her bed. The soldiers, ashamed their skills could not save them, shed bitter tears as they died, and the spirit claimed they were the most delicious thing she had ever tasted.

The next spirit regaled the others with a story of cunning and guile.

One night, she threw a small boy into a bog. When his older sister came to rescue him, she, too, sank into the murk. These two were followed by their parents, then other siblings, then extended relatives, until finally every member of the village was sleeping at the bottom of the bog.

When the spirit finished her story, she was so beside herself with glee that she did not even notice the saliva that dripped down her chin.

Nervously, the smallest spirit in the group stepped forward to address the crowd.

"I am the most amazing of us all!" cried the oft-ridiculed spirit at the top of her lungs. "For it was I who thrust all living creatures into terror's deepest depths!"

The other spirits, unable to contain their mirth, collapsed to the ground and rolled about—and their laughter did not cease until the horrifying monster the small spirit summoned from the demon world devoured each and every last one of them.

There was a ceremony where fairies gather. It took place on the tenth night of full moon of the year. They gathered upon the bank of a lake beautifully lit by moonlight, and bragged to each other their vile acts in the past year.

One fairy bragged about how cruelly she killed a stubborn man. The best soldiers of a certain country had their bodies pulled apart by the fairy disguised as a prostitute. The fairy talked at length about how the men shed tears of regret without being able to put their sword skills to use, and her companions all sang cheerily.

The next fairy boasted of how sly and cunning she was. She first sunk a small boy in a swamp. His sister, who tried to save him, was sunk in the swamp as well. Just like that, his siblings, parents, relations—and even all of the villagers—sank into the swamp. The fairy recalled that scene, and she smiled while drooling.

The smallest fairy spoke up hesitantly. "I think I’m the most amazing here." The small fairy was usually made fun of, and it took all of her strength just to talk. "I pushed many life forms into the depths of terror!" The surrounding fairies clutched their bellies and laughed. They only stopped laughing after ugly monsters came out from the pathway to the demonic realm that the small fairy opened and ate all of them.