The Barren Temple is a location in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt, far to the north of Facade. It is visited in the first part of the game as part of the main storyline. Later, in the second half, the temple is broken into by bandits, and its rooms will have to be cleared again as part of a sidequest.

The temple is sacred; only nobility may enter, according to the rules of Facade. When the prince goes missing inside the temple, his soldiers cannot enter, so Nier is tasked with saving him.


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Travel to the Barren Temple is initially unavailable due to the massive sandstorm ravaging the northern portion of the desert. It is not until the prince was found missing that the area is ventured to, and Fyra leads the party there herself after seeing the guards frozen to inaction from the rules that prevented them from entering the temple. Said temple appears to be carved directly onto the side of a mountain face, and its overall style is distinctly more lavish than Facade's more functional—if confusing—architecture.

The pathways to the depths have long since been broken off, with the only way forward being the magical rooms that also abide by certain restrictions. Both the prince and Kainé are shown violating their respective room's rules and are carried away by the temple's sentient cubes accordingly, leading Nier and Grimoire Weiss to bemoan the temple's oppressiveness as they solved each trial. Once all puzzles are cleared, the force field on the door to the bridge is then lifted, granting them access to the temple's depths, where a giant entity made up of a limitless amount of cubes reveals itself.

Seen only in the game's second half is the main hall's eighth room, entered by the party when they search for any surviving bandits during A Shade Entombed.

Points of Interest

Puzzle Save RG.png
The temple contains a mailbox at the end of the main area, just before the depths leading to the temple's boss.

Puzzle Boss RG.png
Shahriyar is fought in the temple's depths. Itself consisting of a large number of cubes, only the glowing ones should be hit, lest the player wish to be pelted by orbs that home in on their position.

Puzzle 1 RG.png
Leaping Rabbit
Jumping not allowed. All other movement/attack options available. A number of movable boxes are positioned where Nier can block each cube's line of fire.

Puzzle 2 RG.png
Stationary Owl
No standing still. All other movement/attack options available. A mad dash to the room's glowing cube can be done right after the prince is abducted.

Puzzle 3 RG.png
Racing Wolf • Magic-Spewing Bat
No magic and running. A steady hand for holding the stick just enough for Nier to walk is required. One can also hold "Defend" constantly, as it both nullifies damage and prevents Nier from accidentally running.

Puzzle 4 RG.png
Protected Turtle
No blocking. All other movement/attack options available. A mad dash to either the room's left or rightmost side provides the quickest way to the glowing cube. The boxes may also be pushed for a safer route.

Puzzle 5 RG.png
Magic-Spewing Bat
Magic not allowed. All other movement/attack options available. Dashing to the other end of the room is possible, although jumping atop each cube provides a safer route. The cubes despawn after staying on top of them for more than a second.

Puzzle 6 RG.png
Blade-Wielding Tiger
Melee attacks not allowed. All other movement options available. Dark Blast makes short work of each of the glowing cubes scattered all over the room.

Puzzle 7 RG.png
Evasive Mouse
Rolling not allowed. All other movement/attack options available. Dark Hand makes short work of the Shades and mini-boss located in this room.

Puzzle 8 RG.png
Time-Forgetting Monkey
Exclusive to A Shade Entombed—the mini-boss located in this room must be defeated in under three minutes. All movement/attack options available.


  • Getting hit by any of the cubes' orbs while in the puzzle rooms sends Nier back to the start, while also chipping away at his health. The save point will still be several puzzles away with hardly any healing items in sight; stocking up while at Facade is recommended.
  • The puzzles in each room will change slightly during the game's second half, and the cubes replaced by Shades. Clearing each room while progressing through A Shade Entombed is recommended, as the player will be asked to do this during Disturbing the Sleep of Kings.
  • The Royal Compass will be needed to traverse the sandstorm after Fyra leads the party there the first time. The compass can be acquired from the guard posted in front of the king's mansion.
  • NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... updates several puzzle rooms with additional rules during the player's first visit:
    • Second room: Leaping Rabbit • Stationary Owl
    • Third room: Racing Wolf • Evasive Mouse • Magic-Spewing Bat
    • Fourth room: Protected Turtle • Magic-Spewing Bat
    • Fifth room: Evasive Mouse • Magic-Spewing Bat