Central room of the Barren Tample.

The Barren Temple is a sacred temple outside Facade. It is visited in the first part of the game as part of the main storyline. Later, in the second half, the temple is broken into by bandits, and is part of an optional quest.

The temple is sacred; only nobility may enter, according to the rules of Facade. When the Prince goes missing inside the temple, his soldiers cannot enter, so Nier is tasked with saving him.


The Barren Temple contains many puzzles that Nier must solve in order to move forward. These restrict Nier's movement, so he must be careful.

Puzzle 1Edit


  • Leaping Rabbit – No jumping


Please note that North is towards the exit. South is towards the entrance. First, Nier has to go to the crate on the left, and move it in front of the cannon so he can push the other block forward. After that, he has to head to the left without getting hit by the cannon fire, move behind them, and attack them, breaking them. Nier has to get past them quick, as they respawn. Now, Nier has to move the moveable-without-getting-hit block to the south, then move it in front of the cannon. Now, get Nier to move the other block, the block that was impossible to get to, forward, the get Nier to move it down and in front of the cannon fire. Next, there are two blocks. Nier must move the second one south, so he can move the first one towards the cannon, shielding him. He must move it all the way towards the cannon, then he can either do two things:

  • Wait for a break in the cannon fire, then run past or;
  • Nier can destroy the cannon temporarily and run past.

Once he's past them, simply destroy the pink glowing block (make sure not to jump), and the puzzle is done.

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