Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 247 20% Heavy


Silver Ore, Complex Machine
Level 2 284 30% Heavy


Silver Ore x2, Complex Machine, Machine Oil
Level 3 339 40% Heavy


Silver Ore x3, Moldavite, Elaborate Machine
Level 4 399 50% Heavy

Beastcurse is a spear in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER).  It is part of a set, along with Beastbain and Beastlord.


"A noble lord commissioned this beastly weapon that the world might stand in awe of his power."

Weapon StoryEdit

Once upon a time there were three brothers in a kingdom. The youngest of the three was a lazy person who slept through his days. But the youngest brother had a cheerful demeanor, so he was liked by everyone.

Even when an epidemic broke out in the country, the youngest brother merely hummed to himself while lazing about the palace. But the people in the city found healing in his cheery voice so they praised him. That person is amazing. He really is.

Even when the country was involved in war, the youngest brother merely talked about things past while lazing about the palace. But the people in the city could forget the war with his anecdotes and comforted each other. That person is wonderful, really wonderful.

One day, the youngest brother was lazing about the palace again. But today, he could not hear the voices of the people in the city. While lazing about, the youngest brother continued thinking… idle, “Why?” idle, “Why?” idle, “Why?” But he eventually became sleepy. In a country where everyone had died from sickness and war, only snores resounded throughout the palace today. This is a happy kingdom. A happy kingdom. A happy kingdom. A happy kingdom. A happy kingdom. A happy kingdom.

Other AppearancesEdit


Players can potentially obtain this through Nier Replicant's collaboration gacha. Equipping it during the collaboration episodes can increase the amount of tickets that can be earned from each boss.

Weapon Story

The king prays.
For an eternal kingdom where the sun never sets.

The queen sings.
For the eminent king to achieve fortune.

The prince recites.
For the rebellion to never falter, for the glory of the vanguard.

The jester howls.
For the obliteration of both forces, at the laughable tale of three royals.