Blade of Treachery
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 139 20% Heavy


Copper Ore x10, Simple Machine
Level 2 179 30% Heavy


Copper Ore x15, Machine Oil x2, Rusted Clump
Level 3 231 40% Heavy


Copper Ore x20, Pyrite, Rusted Clump
Level 4 255 50% Heavy

Blade of Treachery is a heavy one-handed sword in NieR, found in Emil's Mansion, in a crate just before the battle with Grimoire Rubrum.


"When a man who has lost his way wields this sword, the blade becomes blunt as wood."

Weapon StoryEdit

The two sisters were a perfect pair of walking mannequins. In no way could you tell they were mechanical. State of the art technology gave them the gift of life, of laughter, of joy, of satisfaction. But, they could not cry. They were never meant to cry.

Being mere dolls, they could not feel. They could be sad, but not feel sadness. Sadness was unknowable to them. Even the death of a loved one. Even as their creator succumbed to disease, they felt nothing. As if their creator had just disappeared from the face of the earth.

One warm spring day, a stray cat approached and greeted them. Covered in scars, riddled with disease and thin as a rail, They took it in, and cared for it. "Ah, what a fuss." Their tender care rejuvenated it, and in time regained it health. From that day on, that cat became a fixture in their daily lives. Every day, it would beg for food, affection, and praise. "Ah, what a fuss."

Winter's cold blew into the house as it staggered in from outside. With a weak meow, the cat's strength slipped, and it fell limply to the floor. The younger shook it again and again. The elder called for it again and again. But in the end, not a single cry, not a single response came. Something in the twins, something deep in their hearts, broke. And from that day on, they felt nothing at all.


  • The Blade of Treachery appears as the Skald's Song in Drakengard.