ReverieCode ReverieCode 20 days ago

New Fandom event - The Downstream

Hey everyone!

This Friday, May 28th, Fandom Staff will be hosting the very first event of a series called The Downstream. This is a Twitch stream that will give updates on FandomDesktop, the Fandom brand, and Fanatical, along with conversations with various company teams.

Check this blog post for the details if you want to join us. Hope we'll see you there! :)

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The Humaniod Typhoon The Humaniod Typhoon 20 July 2012

Favourite Part in Nier


I noticed the absence of blogs, so lots of opportunity for them!

Let's start this out with a simple question; what is your favourite part in NIER?

For example: I liked the Loyal Cerberus part the most in the game, it is so well done and so depressing.... Poor Roc :(

I also absolutely loved the Fading Memories part, amazingly well written!

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CyberSkull CyberSkull 10 September 2011

Just started.

I picked up NIER quite cheap shortly after I got Deus Ex: Human Revolution and just started the other day.

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