Blood-drenched Machine is a unit in NieR:Automata.


A machine lifeform drenched in blood. Filled with resentment over the destruction of its comrades at the hands of the Resistance, it now seeks revenge against all androids.


During the quest Resistance Disappearance, a female android at the Resistance Camp tells 2B and 9S that a friend of hers has gone missing. Upon finding specific coordinates etched at the back of the camp, 2B and 9S arrive to find that the Blood-drenched Machine had already battled with the missing android, seemingly killing it without much of a struggle.

After putting up a powerful resistance against the android duo, the machine is finally destroyed, and from its remains 2B and 9S discover that them machine was motivated by revenge—its comrades had been killed by the androids, and just like the Resistance member it fought with, it desired to avenge its friends. It managed to lure the Resistance member to the secluded spot in the desert where it killed him.

After analyzing its memory, 2B is shocked by the emotional complexity of the machine, while 9S states that revenge is too far of an abstract concept for it.


The Blood-drenched Machine has no unique attacks, as it acts like any other small biped armed with a machine sword. However, it's a level 35 enemy, which is almost always higher than the level the player will be at when attempting the quest.

It is recommended to avoid the machine at all costs, pelting it with Pod fire while your partner deals extra damage and provides a distraction for you, as one hit from the machine might kill you in one hit. When the machine does eventually run at you, move to the opposite side of the small cave before it attempts an attack. It will be slowed down by 9S and it decreases the chance of it being able to connect a hit with you.


  • Despite its name, the fluid covering its body is not blood at all.