The Bunker is a location in NieR:Automata. The space station serves as YoRHa's main base of operations, acting as both a communications and deployment facility.

It is destroyed following the events in Chapter 11 due to a backdoor in the server that gave the machines access, as per their design.


As the Bunker is located in space, it cannot be accessed directly. Up until Chapter 6, the only way up is via a transport terminal in the Resistance Camp. Soon after, Jackass is shown to have installed the transport service in every other access point on the ground. Starting from Chapter 12, the Bunker is no longer accessible.

Points of Interest

Bunker Access.png
Two sets of transport terminals are located opposite each other. Players may use these terminals to save and fast travel to other discovered access points.

Bunker Command.png
YoRHa operators and the Commander monitor field units from here. Operators 21O and 6O are seated on opposite wings.

Bunker Hangar.png
Units travelling to and from Earth make use of the flight units docked in the hangar. 16D can be spoken to for a sidequest.

Bunker Terminal.png
The scanner model in the room sells Pod Programs and storage space, and also fuses plug-in chips.

9S uses the computer behind him in Ch. 09-02_2 to assist 2B against So-Shi.

Bunker Bed.png
2B and 9S can save their data and/or quit the game by resting in their respective rooms. The computer in each room acts as an item shop.


  • Other rooms listed: 6O, 5O, 21O, 8B, and 7B.
  • The other Red Girl can be spotted at the hangar, just before 9S takes off to assist 2B against Boku-Shi.
  • After the Bunker is destroyed, the game reverts to a more traditional format where dying means having to revert to a previous save. This is explained in-game as a result of the loss of the servers allowing a unit's data to be backed up.


  • One of the songs the YoRHa Soldier gives you at the jukebox is called "Fortress of Lies", the same song that plays when at the Bunker—a subtle hint as to what follows.
  • Like Emil's mansion, the surroundings are rendered largely in monochrome, with the only other colors seen during Chapters 10 and 11.
  • The remains of the Bunker appear in Final Fantasy XIV as part of the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse crossover. Despite the crashed installation being utterly destroyed and having made landfall, several systems within the Bunker are still active.
  • The spinning interior is reminiscent of some of the rooms in Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey.