For the plug-in chip in NieR:Automata, see Charge Attack.

Nier using a Charge Attack.

"Hold the Attack or Magic buttons to charge your attacks, altering their effects."
― Charging tutorial

A Charge Attack is an attack in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt that has been charged in either the start of a chain, or in the middle of a combo to do more damage. They can be used with all types of weapons and Sealed Verses.


Charging is performed by holding down the X/Square button, or any of the shoulder buttons with Sealed Verses assigned to them. When a weapon is charged, it takes on a purely cosmetic glowing effect, and its corresponding animation also changes depending on which stage of a combo the button is held down with. Charged attacks help to break an enemy's guard, which is useful if the player prefers using lighter weapons. There are different auras for different weapons, but weapons will sometimes share the same aura.

Sealed Verses in the player's collection are also affected in the same manner. Magic such as Dark Lance, Dark Hand, and Dark Whirlwind increase the number of projectiles that can be thrown; Dark Phantasm, Dark Gluttony, Dark Wall, and Dark Execution, when held down, increases its area of effect, and Dark Blast sends a volley of weaker shots that consume less energy as compared to tapping on the button repeatedly.

Timing is key when charging, as the player is susceptible to interruption while in this state. Starting with the release of NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139..., the player may now move while charging magic, and the auras on each weapon have all been replaced with a uniform white glow, similar to that found in NieR:Automata. Charging with weapons in ver.1.22... will still render the player immobile, however.

List of auras



  • An extra attack can be added to the end of a combo if an attack is charged after the final attack of the combo.
  • All spears have a lightning aura.