The City Ruins is a location in NieR:Automata, and the first area discovered after the Prologue. The city connects to the most zones in the overworld, and its terrain undergoes the most changes out of any zone: first when the ground opens up at the Center in Chapter 5, and later on in Chapter 11 when the Tower emerges from the same spot.


2B and 9S first reach the city via flight units in Chapter 2. The city is shown to connect to the Abandoned Factory west from the Center, but as they were on a mission at the time, they were unable to explore elsewhere.

Along with the factory, the city is thumbed by the Desert Zone and Shopping Center up north, Pascal's Village northeast, and the Amusement Park east. Once the Deep Cave is made accessible, Emil's Residence and the Flooded City can be accessed from separate sewer lines opposite each other.

Points of Interest

City Access.png
The City Ruins is home to three access points: Near the Factory, at the Center, and Near the Tower. Another one opens up at the Deep Cave later in the game.

City chest 1.png
The Phoenix Sword is in a locked chest just behind the flight unit landing zone. A100: Decoy can also be found here during Route C.

City Shop.png
Starting from Chapter 7, Emil sells a variety of items depending on where he spawns in. He also tells the party about his home deep underground, despite not being asked about it.

City Sensei.png
Atop the rooftops near the entrance to the Border Area, a small arena can be found accommodating the martial artist machine known as Father Servo. A chain of quests take place here, starting with Robo Dojo—White Belt.

City Ark.png
Three Access Keys are needed to open up the Tower. Each key is located in their respective Resource Recovery Unit.


  • The table Adam and Eve are seen using is at the top of the building that connects to the landing zone. The way outside is cordoned off by a freight container during Routes A and B, however; it opens up once the player gains control of A2. Adam's Glasses can be picked up from this location.
  • Other items:


  • 9S will react to 2B jumping off the landing zone at the start of the game. Doing the same as 9S bears no reaction from 2B.
  • Several archives found in the area seem to suggest that the city is located in Japan. The country had also been the site where the battle between the Giant and Dragon took place, setting in motion the events that led to the world's current state in the game.
  • A segment of this area appears as an arena in Soulcalibur VI. A variety of machines appear in the background, and 9S, Pascal, and the Red Girls appear as well.