The Canyon is an unmarked location in NieR:Automata. It provides an alternate route between the City Ruins and the Forest Zone once the box has been lodged off from where the Canyon Machine can be encountered.

The location houses one weapon and one archive, and serves as the site of the Lord of the Valley sidequest.


The Canyon, or valley, can be accessed by taking the optimal passage from the Forest Zone, though the player can fall into the crevice at any time when crossing the bridge leading to the Shopping Center. Alternatively, there is a somewhat hidden passage in the City Ruins which also heads down inside the Canyon.

Points of Interest

Canyon Passage.png
The large crevice in the Forest Kingdom has various ledges for the player to scale to get to the bottom.

Canyon Entrance.png
This heavy box can be pushed from this side to gain entrance to the canyon.

Canyon Shop.png
The Canyon Machine sells strong plug-in chips and can fuse existing chips to a higher than normal level once you have completed the Lord of the Valley sidequest.

Canyon Chest.png
Near the heaps of scrap machines are two chests. One is locked and contains the Weapon Shop Flyer. The unlocked one contains the Phoenix Dagger.

Canyon Elevator.png
For a quick escape, you can take the elevator which leads to a small jumping puzzle, taking you to the City Ruins.


  • The Canyon Machine is marked as "Ravine Supply Trader" when viewed from the map.
  • Uniquely, the Canyon Machine doesn't register in the party's Unit Data like Masamune, an Amicable Machine that also serves as a vendor.
  • The box leading to the Canyon from the Forest Kingdom side will reset after beating the game, and will have to be pushed off each time when in the area.