Commander White is a character in NieR:Automata. As the commander of all YoRHa forces, she determines all large-scale strategies as well as directs, deploys and oversees all units from her station at the Bunker outpost in Earth's orbit.


Commander.png That is why you, the YoRHa forces, exist:
SPOILER ALERT - Plot details for NieR:Automata follow.

Commander White is the head of the YoRHa Command. Before the events of the main game she sent A2, then Number 2, and her squad to lead an attack on a machine server on Hawaii. Although it was expected that none of the prototypes would survive, the mission ended in success. As the single surviving YoRHa android, A2 was perceived as a traitor.

flowers for m[A]chines

or not to [B]e

meaningless [C]ode

chil[D]hood's end

the [E]nd of YoRHa


The calm and composed commander of the YoRHa units and director of the orbital satellite known as the “Bunker”. There is some connection between her and A2.

Despite being called a "hardass" by 9S, it is revealed by Operator 6O that the Commander actually leaves her clothes strewn all over her private quarters and she rarely does maintenance on her body.


  • She carries a riding crop: this is done by officers in some modern militaries as a badge of authority, particularly in units that were once horse cavalry.
  • According to Nier: Automata Guide Book, Commader White's three-sizes are B: 92cm; W: 61cm; H: 94cm. Her height is 175cm (including hair accessories). Her weight is 166.8kg.[1]
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