The Copied City is a small location in NieR:Automata, and the setpiece for the last fight against Adam. Composed of crystallized silicon and carbon according to Pod 042's analysis of the surrounding structures, the area served as Adam's way of understanding humans more.

9S was brought here, along with the dead androids lining the area, in order to lure 2B in. As they fight, 9S wanders around his memory bank, still reeling from the shockwave caused by the missile he maneuvered into Grün.


The Copied City sits opposite from the destroyed alien ships in the lower cave, and can only be entered starting from Chapter 8, as part of the storyline.

Points of Interest

Copied City Boss.png
Adam is faced here for the last time, at level 25. A 3-phase boss fight, interspersed with taunting from Adam's side.

His connection to the network severed, he finds death less romantic than he had hoped.

Copied City Memory.png
9S finds himself hooked up to the machine network while trapped inside. Adam inevitably senses his presence and turns 9S's dark side against him.

Copied City Farm.png
A mix of Standard and Enhanced Machines level 60 and up can be encountered here after Adam is defeated, and will respawn indefinitely.


  • The Tower appears to be made of the same elements as the Copied City.