Dark Blast.

Dark Blast is the first Sealed Verse in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt. It is the most basic spell in the game and it is available the moment Nier has access to the power of Grimoire Weiss.

Dark Blast sends out a magic projectile, followed by a continuous array of smaller magic missiles if the button is held down, which are not powerful, but fast and only cost a low amount of MP. If it is released after a short charge time, it'll send out a few homing missiles. If the button is repeatedly pressed instead, it'll only fire the initial magic projectiles, that deal more damage, but also cost more MP, draining it much faster. While casting, Nier can move around at limited speed, making it a great spell to deal damage while avoiding attacks. If the projectiles and missiles hit other red orbs by enemies, they will consume each other.