Nier using Dark Execution.

Dark Execution is the seventh Sealed Verse in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt, and is learned from the mayor of the Forest of Myth.

When cast, Dark Execution summons magical spears from the ground to impale enemies around him. A single tap will cast a straight line of spears in front of him. The first level will cast another line of spears behind him as well, where as the second level adds two additional lines to his left and right side, ending with the third level, where he casts another two diagonally, for a total of 6 lines of spears, filling almost the entire screen in all directions. As with other spells, the time will slow down during the charge animation. It deals decent damage and has a chance of impaling lesser, unarmored Shades, rendering them vulnerable for a brief period. Nier takes a step forward before casting the spell, making it somewhat difficult to hit enemies directly in front of him.