Nier using Dark Hand

Dark Hand is the third Sealed Verse in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt, and is attained after the player defeats Hook for the first time.

Nier can summon huge arms from Grimoire Weiss, that can reach a tremendous size, which can even exceed the size of the biggest Shades he encounters.

In battle it grants Nier the power to form huge dark hand above him, to slam it down upon his enemies in an area of effect in front of him. It has limited range, but deals the most damage out of any spells. It also has a huge Armor Break effect, ripping apart almost all armor with a single punch, while knocking back all but the mightiest enemies. It can be charged up to 5 times, resulting in more damage, a larger radius and an even greater impact force. While Nier charges the spell, time is slowed down, giving him a higher chance to fully load the spell without being interrupted.

Level Fully Charged Dark Hand
Level 1 Single fist
Level 1 Double fist
Level 12 Triple fist
Level 16 Quadruple fist
Level 19 Quintuple fist