Nier shooting a magic lance.

Dark Lance is the second Sealed Verse in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt, and is obtained during the battle with Hansel & Gretel on top of the Lost Shrine.

It forms a magic lance and shoots it with high speed towards the enemy. When used in combat, a cross-hair appears, which helps to aim the lance at your target. This is in particular needed in many of the boss battles, as you need to hit specific critical areas at a great distance. If charged, the time around Nier slows down, making aiming easier and up to 8 lances appear in a half-circle around Nier, before firing them right after each other in a deadly barrage.

As Nier's level goes up, more spears appear to attack with. The most he can fire off is 8.

Level Spears
Level 1 1 spear
Level 1 2 spears
Level 8 3 spears
Level 13 4 spears
Level 16 5 spears
Level 19 6 spears
Level 21 7 spears
Level 23 8 spears