Dark Phantasm

Dark Phantasm is the fourth Sealed Verse in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt, and is acquired after the second encounter with Hook in The Aerie.

Nier sends forth a rapid otherworldly crimson facsimile of himself in a straight line, striking a single enemy in front of him. If the button is held down, a ring will appear around Nier, growing constantly bigger with him in the center, while draining his MP. When released, each enemy within the border of the ring will be attacked by his copy, jumping from one enemy to another. During the attack, Nier is invincible. If no target is within the ring, when the button is released, he will regain all of the lost MP.

Dark Phantasm is one of Nier's most versatile spells, as it deals decent damage and has a high Armor Break capability. The normal version is also his fastest ranged attack, while the charged version has the biggest area of effect depending on the MP spent and will also strike flying enemies.