Dark Wall (level 2)

Dark Wall is the sixth Sealed Verse in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt. It is given to Grimoire Weiss after defeating Shahriyar in the Barren Temple.

The Dark Wall creates a magical barricade that blocks enemy projectiles for a short period of time. The size and duration of the wall is dependent on the charge level before it was created. If it is fully charged, it will create a movable personal shell around Nier instead. The shield does not stop melee attacks, however it will stop most magic attacks, example being Halua's purple fire orbs.

Charge Level  Size Duration

0 (Tap)

 small (yellow) 5
1 normal (pink) 10
2 big (purple) 15
3 huge (orange) 30
4 shield 15

Unlike other spells, the time does not slow down during the charge, making it almost impossible to create a high level wall in the heat of battle. Once casted, Nier is not able to recreate another wall until the first one has vanished. Since the low level walls are also immovable, the usage of the spell is very limited outside of a few specific situations.