Upper view of Nier using Dark Whirlwind.

Dark Whirlwind is the last of eight Sealed Verses in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt. It is given after defeating Grimoire Rubrum in the Manor.

Dark Whirlwind creates a spinning orb around Nier for 5 seconds if tapped, and up to 4 spinning blades around him if charged, which last for 15 seconds. They deal very little damage and don't interrupt an enemy's action, but cut through red orbs and hit very often in a short amount of time, making them in particular useful to apply status effects when equipped with such Words. A high level poison for instance is very quickly applied and will drain even the toughest armored enemies down over time. If another spell is used during Dark Whirlwind's effect, the blades will fly away in the direction they are currently pointing at.