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The mayor's dream takes place in the Forest of Myth, and features three riddles Nier must solve so that he can rescue the mayor from his illness. This is the only dream that will be required of the player to solve, with Dark Execution being obtained upon completion.


Mayor: Be...ware...
Mayor: Be...ware...the wor...ds...
Nier: The words? What do you mean?
Mayor: Contagious...words...
Mayor: Those...who...dr...eam...
Nier: Those who dream?

Weiss: Hold a moment... There is a strange new sensation in my mind.
Weiss's voice rose in a quizzical way.
Weiss: It is NOT quizzical!

Nier: What's going on here!?
The villager's body shuddered as he slowly opened his eyes.
Weiss: Perhaps we should start by asking this man.

Villager: ...Wh-who are you?
Nier: I'm Nier. This is Weiss. We heard something happened to this village, so we came to
see if we could help.
The villager stared at Nier and Weiss.

Villager: If you can speak to me...
Villager: I must have caught you in my dream.
Nier: How's that again?

The villager explained.
In the past weeks, a mysterious disease called the Deathdream had spread across the
Forest of Myth. Those who caught it were cursed to fall asleep and live forever within the
world of their own dreams. The village mayor had determined that the Deathdream was
spread from person to person by spoken words, but before he could learn more, the
disease took him as well.

Weiss stared at the mayor, his mouth twitching slightly.
"Now see here," he said, "are you saying that we have been
absorbed into your dream?"
"Um, well...yes," said the mayor. "I think you have."
"Oh, crap," said Nier. "So that means we've caught the
Before the mayor could confirm Nier's suspicion, Weiss
exploded with rage.

"Ridiculous! Preposterous! Completely unfathomable on
every conceivable level! I don't even recall falling asleep!"
The mayor attempted to take Weiss's complaints in stride.
"That's just how the Deathdream works," he said, brushing
aside the book's remarks.
"My remarks shall not be brushed aside, fool! And it would
behoove you to remember that this world allows me to view
all of its narration!"

The mayor twisted his mouth into an embarrassed grimace,
then quickly changed the subject to who Nier had
seen—and what they had discussed—since coming to the

"Something there must have caused you to enter my
dream," said the mayor. "A certain conversation, a specific
Nier and Weiss racked their brains, but could find no easy
solutions. There were simply too many words to consider;
too much random chatter; too many meaningless

"Grimoire Weiss does not engage in meaningless
The mere suggestion that Weiss chose his words carelessly
seemed to sting his pride.

"It does not 'seem' to sting my pride, you bloated gasbag of
a narrator! It has demolished it utterly!"
Irritated, Weiss looked skyward, as if searching for answers
in the heavens.
"I was doing no such thing! Just leave me alone already!"
The anger created by his harsh words bled over to Nier like
a contagion.

"Wait," said Nier suddenly. "Did someone just say
"Yes, I believe so. What of it?"
"Well, that villager told us to watch out for contagious
words, right?"
The mayor leaned forward with renewed interest,
pushing a startled Weiss aside in the process.
"Well, he must have said something, right?" asked the
mayor. "Some specific combination of words? What
was it?"

"It was about dreaming, or something that dreams, or...
Oh, what the hell was it?"
"A sheep!?" cried Weiss suddenly, blurting out the first
thing that popped into this head.

The others stared at him for a moment before slowly
shaking their heads. After a few more minutes of thought,
Nier's face suddenly lit up.
"I remember!" he said. "'Those who dream.' That's what he
said—I'm sure of it."
At this, the mayor produced a thick sheaf of papers from
his pocket. He flipped through them a few times before
finally nodding his approval at Nier.

"That sounds right," he said, as a stray sheet of paper
fluttered to the ground. "My notes also mention something
about that. I bet it was the last thing you heard before you
fell asleep."

The mayor shook his head, his worn pencil stub tracing
lines across a lone piece of paper.

"For the last month, I've done nothing but study the disease
we call the Deathdream," he said. "I mean, I'm the mayor,
right? It's my job to protect people from whatever comes
along. But I never expected a couple of outsiders to start
entering people's dreams." The mayor paused, a grimace
crossing his face. "I should probably be taking notes or

Weiss immediately fired back.
"I applaud the force of will it takes to research a disease in
your dreams," he said, "but perhaps we should bend your
efforts to escaping this place instead of trying to
understand it."

The mayor's hand tightened around his pencil, snapping it
off at the tip.

"I've tried to escape. From the very first moment I realized I
was locked inside my own dream, I've been looking for a
way out...but I don't think it exists. I mean, this is my
dream, right? If there was an exit, I'd know about it."

He paused for a moment, his unfocused eyes staring at

"My village was beautiful," he said to no one in particular.
"And it was filled with the most wonderful people you could
ever hope to meet. But once this disease took hold,
things...changed. It's like someone took a sponge and
soaked all the color out of our lives. I just want us to be
whole again. I want us to be free." The mayor's voice took
on a note of steely determination. "And I won't stop trying
until it happens."

Nier nodded in agreement.
"Huh? Wait a second, I didn't nod. Why are you—?"
"Look. If we can be of any help," said Nier, "just ask."
"Now hold on! I did not just say that!"

"Silence!" cried Weiss.

The grimoire looked from Nier to the mayor and back again,
his face filling with confidence.
"Grimoire Weiss's face is always confident, thank you very
much! Now see here, Mayor. You told us that nothing can
exist in this dream without your knowing of it. But yet you
seemed surprised to see us when we first arrived, yes?"

The mayor slowly raised his head, realization dawning on
his face.
"Oh my god," he said. "You're right. You're right! I had no
idea you were coming!"
"The human imagination is a limitless engine," said Weiss,
"and dreams are the fuel. If you can imagine an exit, then it
must be so. With your permission, we shall search it out."
"Thank you," said the mayor. "I don't know how I can repay

"Payment is not required. We are as eager as you to be
done with this place."
The mayor suddenly felt as if he could breathe again. He'd
almost forgotten what it was like.
"Good luck, you two!" he called at the departing forms of
Nier and Weiss. "We're all counting on you!"

As Nier slowly faded into the misty forest, the mayor was
struck by a sense of déjà vu.

I saw this man once before, he thought. But where...?

Nier's mood darkened as he trudged through the forest.
Hours earlier, when the beauty of the place was still a new
thing, he'd been confident they could get in, find the exit,
and be home in time for dinner.

But the deeper they went, the more the forest closed in
around him. The mist made it difficult to see more than a
foot in any direction, and moss-covered rocks seemed
determined to twist his ankle. More than once he'd been
forced to steady himself on the rough bark of a tree, and
his hands now left small trails of blood on everything he

Additionally, Weiss was proving to be a spectacularly poor
traveling companion. Unhindered by either terrain or
physical effort, he spent most of his time urging Nier to
pick up the pace and grumbling about their slow progress.

Finally, after Weiss muttered something about legless
turtles being more adept at navigating the environment,
Nier snapped.
"You know what, Weiss?" he cried. "Go to hell. We're
stopping. I need to rest for a few minutes before I throw

Nier leaned against a tree and tried to stretch the knots
from his back. "How can this stupid forest be so goddamn
big?" he muttered to himself.

The moment the words tumbled from his mouth, a
cacophony of insects sprang to life. As if infuriated by his
lack of respect, every imaginable form of buzz, click, and
hiss roared out with a volume that rattled his teeth.

Nier slapped his hands over his ears and screamed to be
heard. "Weiss! What the hell is going on?"
Nier could see Weiss's mouth moving, but he might as well
have been shouting in a tornado. The insects screamed. The
forest howled. And then, just as Nier's ears seemed ready
to tear from his head and go running for cover, the sound
diminished. Hesitantly, Nier removed the hand from his left
ear and listened to the creatures of the woods.

Zree! Zree! Zree! Zree!
Shak-k-k-k! Shak-k-k-k! Shak-k-k-k!
Chk-chk-chee! Chk-chk-chee! Chk-chk-chee!
Woo-woo-wooma! Woo-woo-wooma!
Shik shik seeek! Shik shik! Shik shik seeeek!

As the insect symphony dimmed another decibel, Nier
began to detect patterns in the sound. This isn't random,
he thought. It's not just white noise. It's...something else.
The insects weren't just calling out; they were asking a

One with it suffers. Two with it is ideal.
Three with it is dangerous. What is it?
"By my pages! Is this a riddle?"
"I guess so. This kind of thing happens a lot in dreams,
right? Maybe it's the key to getting out of this place."
"Then I leave it to you to answer!"

One with it suffers. Two with it is ideal.
Three with it is dangerous. What is it?
"The answer is...a secret."
"The answer is...a woman."
"...How the hell should I know!?"