Emil's Mansion (known simply as the Manor in-game) is a location in NieR Replicant and Gestalt. The huge manor sits atop a hill just before Seafront, and is home to Emil and his butler Sebastian. Grimoire Rubrum is also housed inside the mansion library.

Description Edit

Once inside the gate, nearly all color is turned into shades of grey. The main theme of the mansion is a vocal version of The Ultimate Weapon. Until Yonah receives a letter from her pen pal requesting help, only the front garden of the mansion is accessible. Nier, Kainé, and "Weissey" are invited inside by the butler after accepting Yonah's quest.

The mansion sits above the Underground Research Lab.

Points of Interest Edit

Manor Boy RG
Nier and Weiss first meet Emil while exploring the mansion. He joins the party after the timeskip as they search for clues in the lab underneath.

Manor Save RG
The manor's mailbox sits right at the door to the study where Grimoire Rubrum is located.

Manor Boss RG
Grimoire Rubrum is met at the manor's study. It drops a page related to reversing Emil's eyesight, which Sebastian spends the next five years decoding.

Manor Courtyard RG
At the courtyard are several petrified people, along with a switch that retracts the staircase to the right, leading down to the Underground Research Lab.

Blade of Treachery RG location
The Blade of Treachery can be found in a crate just before the turn leading to the mailbox.


  • Director Yoko says, "Neither Emil nor the butler are human, and they won't age. So to reflect time standing still, I gave the mansion a monochrome color palette."
  • The mansion gives many nods to the game Resident Evil:
    • The layout of the mansion is very similar to the Spencer Mansion, along with the hidden lab where experiments were being performed on people.
    • The camera angle is also similar to Resident Evil's camera, being positioned statically and jumping to new locations as you move around the manor. Possibly intentional, or just a caveat of this type of camera system, this can frequently cause the player to start moving backwards or the wrong direction during a camera transition, which was a common issue in the original Resident Evil games for many players.
    • Progression through the manor is sometimes made by searching rooms for many strange keys to open oddly themed locked doors, such as the "Moon Key", "Star Key", "Light Key", and "Darkness Key". The manor also is home to giant spiders, as well as a large library.


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