Nier facade

Main view of the town.

Façade is a location in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER). It is a desert city governed by thousands of rules. It is the home of the Masked People, and their leader: the King of Façade.

It is made up of different levels of buildings and walkways, overshadowed by the mansion and with a sandy river in the middle. There is a ferry that can take the residents from one area to another.



Item ShopEdit

  • Medicinal Herb 100 G
  • Health Salve 1,000 G
  • Antidotal Weed 600 G
  • Watermelon Seed 80 G
  • Melon Seed 120 G
  • Gourd Seed 60 G
  • Rice Plant Seedling 60 G
  • Freesia Bulb 80 G
  • Flowering Fertilizer 300 G
  • Bounty Fertilizer 300 G

Grocery StoreEdit

  • Watermelon 800 G
  • Melon 1,200 G
  • Gourd 600 G
  • Berries 200 G
  • Pumpkin 500 G

Material ShopEdit

  • Crystal 2,400 G
  • Clay 800 G
  • Amber 6,000 G
  • Wool 800 G
  • Wolf Hide 5,000 G



  • The word "façade," more commonly written in modern English as "facade," refers to the outward-facing part of something such as the front face of a building. It is often used to refer to a deceptive or insincere exterior.
  • The inhabitants of Façade whose names are known have been named after numbers in German.
  • In NieR:Automata the desert area is the ruins of Façade, inhabited by a group of robots which follow the clothing traditions of those who once lived there. In the Arena DLC for the area, it is revealed they are also trying to follow Façade's endless list of laws.
  • According to this 4Gamer interivew, the residents of Façade speak an original language that is meant to be gibberish from scrambled Japanese hiragana. However, the programmer who created the original language program couldn't fix the bugs where it created actual Japanese words. Yoko casually decided that they fit the mood anyways and left them in, causing an accidental misconception that contemporary Japanese still existed in Nier's continuity.
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