Facade is a location in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt. It is a desert city governed by thousands of rules. It is the home of the Masked People, led by the King of Facade.

It is made up of different levels of buildings and walkways, overshadowed by the mansion and with a sandy river in the middle. There is a ferry that can take the residents from one area to another.


The inscription on Rule 106's lithograph states that Facade's design came about as a result of their people's original home along the plain being flooded by a "great wall of water". It may have been especially useful when the surrounding area was once the site of a great forest, but the people's continued activity helped further erode the land, to the point where the prince recounts to his advisor of how they now lack even water among other basic necessities.

Their convoluted legal system of 124,000 rules (and counting) has repeatedly been shown to get in the way of such tasks as running errands, or even retrieving the prince from the Barren Temple—it took a bit of a loophole via Kainé's knowledge of Rule 1,024 in order to aid the city in their quest. Seeing this, Nier asks the prince to add Rule 0 to their list, so that they might be able to aid themselves by voting against inflexible procedures.

In spite of it all, its people still swear by the law, with dialogue from NPCs even blaming Fyra's death at the hands of Roc, along with their other misfortunes, on what they perceive as the people's lack of faith in the rules. The city has long been at war with the wolves outside the city, with both groups blaming each other for the land's present state.


Facade Tour Guide RG.png
Fyra acts as a tour guide to Nier and Grimoire Weiss after initially reaching a dead end at the king's mansion. Along the way, Weiss picks up on Fyra's gestures, and acquires the ability to converse with Facade's people immediately.

Life in the Sands Start.png
The city's mailbox is just to the left of the entrance. The Masked Person near it will ask Nier for Pink Moonflower Seeds during Life in the Sands.

Facade Skiff RG.png
Per Rule 115,017, Nier is required to view the town using the sand-skiff before he could avail of the services in Facade. The sand-skiff provides an easy way to travel to various points throughout the city afterwards; its fixed camera view while on the skiff can be skipped by pressing the Start button.

Rule 106.png
Sells supplies and maps:
  • Medicinal Herb 100 G
  • Health Salve 1,000 G
  • Antidotal Weed 600 G
  • Desert Map 500 G
  • Facade Map 500 G
  • Watermelon Seed 80 G
  • Melon Seed 120 G
  • Gourd Seed 60 G
  • Rice Plant Seedling 60 G
  • Freesia Bulb 80 G
  • Flowering Fertilizer 300 G
  • Bounty Fertilizer 300 G

Freesia Objective.png
Sells items that would otherwise be found as uncommon drops:
  • Crystal 2,400 G
  • Clay 800 G
  • Amber 6,000 G
  • Wool 800 G
  • Wolf Hide 5,000 G

Rule 11034.png
Sells a limited variety of fresh goods:
  • Watermelon 800 G
  • Melon 1,200 G
  • Gourd 600 G
  • Berries 200 G
  • Pumpkin 500 G

The Littlest Hero Start.png
Sells the best spear during the second half of the game, and serves as the client for The Littlest Hero:

Royal Mask (serious business).png
The King of Facade can be found here after rescuing him from the Barren Temple. He serves as the client for Disturbing the Sleep of Kings during the game's second half.

Fool Start 1.png
A store so strange that no one knows what its old world items do, according to Fyra. Commonly visited during quests, where its shopkeeper is shown to be able to restore damaged documents, and even stocks aphrodisiacs.


  • ​Nier and Weiss initially comment on how relaxed the city is towards outsiders. Aside from Fyra, the Material Shopkeeper is revealed to have come from The Aerie as seen in Freesia, and the runaway son blends in with the city so well, with him even shown to be fluent in their language.
  • Both the sandspout well and Royal Compass become available for use after curing the Forest of Myth's villagers of the Deathdream. The king's advisor and the guard posted at the mansion can be spoken to for access to the aforementioned two.
  • The weapon story for Transience appears to describe the Masked People. The spear also happens to be the same used by the city's soldiers.


  • The word "façade," more commonly written in modern English as "facade," refers to the outward-facing part of something such as the front face of a building. It is often used to refer to a deceptive or insincere exterior.
  • The inhabitants of Facade whose names are known have been named after numbers in German.
  • The Desert Zone in NieR:Automata is revealed to be the ruins of Facade, inhabited by a group of machines which follow the clothing traditions of those who once lived there. In the Arena DLC for the area, it is revealed they are also trying to follow Facade's endless list of laws.
  • A 4Gamer interview revealed that the residents of Facade speak an original language that is meant to be gibberish from scrambled Japanese hiragana. However, the programmer who created the original language program couldn't fix the bugs where it created actual Japanese words. Yoko casually decided that they fit the mood anyway and left them in, causing an accidental misconception that contemporary Japanese still existed in NieR's continuity.[1]