For the weapon in NieR:Automata, see Fang of the Twins (Automata).

Fang of the Twins is a weapon in NieR RepliCant, NieR Gestalt, and NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139..., available during the second half of the game.


A giant, accursed axe that was bathed in the blood of young twins before being presented to the gods themselves.


  • Found in a large crate at the Underground Facility's first basement floor, just before the SA Keycard door.

Weapon Story

We've been together since we were born. We're together when we eat, when we sleep, and when we dream.

We share everything! We share the milk we get from Mommy, and the nice things Daddy says to us.

But we're not together when we die. Daddy took me and cut off my head, and Mommy took my sister and cut off her head.

But it's okay. Our blood got all mushed up into a big axe, so now we can be together forever!

We have been together since birth. When we eat, when we sleep and dream.

We get the same things as well. Mommy’s breasts, and Daddy’s gentle words.

But we died separately. Me, at Daddy’s hands, my sister at my mother’s hands. They cut off our heads, and we died separately.

But it’s okay. Our blood mixed together, and stayed in the same axe. We will always be together from now on. Two bodies will return to one.