The Flooded City is a location in NieR:Automata. 2B and 9S are sent here by Anemone to assist an aircraft carrier under siege, that ultimately is destroyed by Grün.

The city is also the site of the Soul Box during the second half of the game.


The way to the city is accessed via a sewer north of the Resistance Camp, which is only uncovered when the terrain of the City Ruins changes for the first time. The player may travel here before Anemone's request, but the cutscene that plays when stepping foot into a new zone won't trigger.

Points of Interest

Flooded City Access.png
The lone transport terminal is seated right at the city's entrance.

Flooded City Lift.png
The Suspicious Android posted in front of the elevator can be bribed for access to the Gambler's Colosseum. The Mysterious Letter must be acquired beforehand.

Flooded City Mortar.png
Exclusive to Chapter 7, 2B and 9S head back to the city to make use of the mortar turret lined up at the shore.

Flooded City Unit.png
9S makes his way here to pick up the Ocean Access Key, one of three required for entry into the Tower during Chapter 15.


  • 2B's flight unit can be found here after Chapter 11; stored it in are her last words to 9S. Interacting with it as A2 has her leave it untouched, as "it's not [her] business".
  • Items of note:
    • Iron Will can be found below the bridge closest to the buildings, and requires the Scanner to reveal.
    • Both the Type-3 Lance and Newspaper Scrap are stowed away in chests at the submerged building in the middle of the city.
    • The third usable Pod is in the city's waters, and must also be obtained by fishing.