Fool's Embrace is a weapon in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt, included as part of the World of Recycled Vessel DLC. It is part of a set, along with Fool's Lament and Fool's Accord.

This weapon has since been added to the total count in NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... should one wish to view all endings; collecting it in the original release is optional otherwise.


A sword created after a man, driven mad by revenge, sealed away a cursed dragon.


  • Obtained after beating the third level of the diary's first door. Dying at any point before reaching said level will kick the player out, and must be attempted from the beginning.

Weapon Story

I was saved from the despair that shackled me.
I was free from the fate that cursed me.
I was pacified from the indignation that plagued me.
I was changed by the day I met you.

My flames will scorch the earth below.
My fangs will know the taste of blood.
My claws will rend my enemies asunder.
My wings will soar through the skies above.

If your eyes are to be robbed of their light...
If your skin is to be stained with blood...
If your sword is too heavy a burden...
If your lips can no longer produce speech...

Even if this body is snuffed out.
Even if these words are stolen.
Until our contract is complete.
Until the moment this warmth is lost.

I was saved from that entrapped despair.
I was able to abandon that cursed fate.
I was able to calm those wrath-filled flames.
That day of our meeting changed me.

I shall burn the ground to a crisp with my flames.
I shall sip blood with my fangs.
I shall tear apart thine enemies with my claws.
I shall soar through the sky with my wings.

If light was to be deprived of thine eyes.
If blood was to stain thine skin.
If thine sword is heavy.
If thine mouth can no longer speak.

Even if this body burns up.
Even if these words are taken away.
Until the ends of this pact.
Until I lose this warmth.


  • At Level 4, it is the strongest one-handed sword in the original release. Its strength has since been surpassed by Kainé's Sword in ver.1.22....
  • The weapon's description and appearance are a reference to Drakengard. Upon closer inspection, it appears to take the shape of a level 1 Angelus in flight.
    • The weapon story seems to be from Angelus's perspective.