Fool's Embrace
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 200 30% Very Heavy


Damascus Steel x1
Level 2 277 50% Very Heavy


Damascus Steel x1
Level 3 289 60% Very Heavy


Damascus Steel x1
Level 4 400 80% Very Heavy

Fool's Embrace is a one-handed sword in The World of Recycled Vessel DLC, which is obtained after beating the fourth level of the first door.

It is part of a set along with Fool's Lament and Fool's Accord.


"A sword created after a man, driven mad by revenge, sealed away a cursed dragon."

Weapon StoryEdit

I was saved from that entrapped despair. I was able to abandon that cursed fate. I was able to calm those wrath-filled flames. That day of our meeting changed me.

I shall burn the ground to a crisp with my flames. I shall sip blood with my fangs. I shall tear apart thine enemies with my claws. I shall soar through the sky with my wings.

If light was to be deprived of thine eyes. If blood was to stain thine skin. If thine sword is heavy. If thine mouth can no longer speak.

Even if this body burns up. Even if these words are taken away. Until the ends of this pact. Until I lose this warmth.


  • On Level 4, it is the strongest one-handed sword in the game.
  • The description and appearance are a reference to Drakengard.
  • Upon closer inspection, the weapon itself forms the shape of a level 1 Angelus in flight
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