Fool's Lament
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 400 30% Very Heavy


Damascus Steel x1
Level 2 730 50% Very Heavy


Damascus Steel x1
Level 3 760 50% Very Heavy


Damascus Steel x1
Level 4 999 80% Very Heavy

Fool's Lament is a two-handed sword in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER), which is obtained after beating the 3rd level of the second door in the DLC The World of Recycled Vessel.

It is part of a set, along with Fool's Embrace and Fool's Accord.


"A weapon with a heroic dragon motif, used by a man who tried to save the world."

Weapon StoryEdit

Memoir 2003/06/12 at 15:00Edit

A giant white humanoid weapon (referred to as “weapon” in the beginning but “giant” now) falls from the sky in Shinjuku, Tokyo, bringing a huge amount of casualties in the area. Also, at the same time, an organism bearing likeness to that of a red dragon (“dragon” from now on) appears and was seen to engage the “giant” in combat. However, the principles and effects of its attacks remain to be determined. An emergency cabinet is formed while the self-defense squad examined offensive methods against its targets.

Memoir 2003/06/12 at 16:00Edit

The “giant” that battled with the “dragon” suddenly began to crumble. The cause remains unknown. The remaining “dragon” was shot down by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s 6th Air Wing, 303rd squadron. No records were made of who ordered an attack on the “dragon”. Also, the corpses of the “giant” and “dragon” were being collected, but even we could not get an official confirmation from the organization responsible for the collection.

Memoir 2003/12Edit

First case of “White Chlorination Syndrome” confirmed in Tokyo, Shinjuku.

Memoir 2004/7Edit

More and more humans become vicious due to the “White Chlorination Syndrome”. The conflict worsens in polluted areas. While the reason still remains unknown, the infected are separated and the rioters neutralized. Main streets are blocked, and railroads are shut down, leading to the later lockdown of Shinjuku. At the same time, America offered military support unofficially, but the Japanese government remained on the fence about this issue. On one hand, research was being done within the government on the demonic element gained from the “giant” and “dragon”, as well as a counter to “White Chlorination Syndrome”, leading to the Gestalt Project 10 years later.


  • With 999 attack power on level 4, it's the strongest weapon in the entire game.
  • The description and appearance are a reference to Drakengard and the main protagonist Caim.
  • Upon closer inspection, the lance takes the shape of a level 3 Angelus
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