The Forest of Myth is a location in NieR Replicant and Gestalt. The small village is at the northwest end of the Northern Plains, on the opposite side of The Aerie. Nier comes back here during the second half of the game to retrieve the Memory Tree key fragment, one of five required for entry into the Shadowlord's Castle.

Description Edit

Mayor Dream RG

The forest itself consists of a small explorable area, housing the town's mayor and three other villagers that reside in treehouses. As seen in A Child's Final Chance, the forest also hosts poisonous berries with dire effects on children and adults. Strangely, Kainé simply finds them delicious, and is unaffected by them in any way.

The dominant feature in the forest is the Sleeping Beauty, a colossal tree described in The Lost World to be a supercomputer responsible for storing data related to the Replicant System. Kainé and Emil venture here to find a reconstructed Nier, based off the time he first interacted with the tree.

A chunk of the quests that take place here focus on the Deathdream, a disease that manifests as text adventures. Each require the player to read through and make choices based on what they read. Penalties for providing the wrong answer to the questions in each segment would range from either sending the player out of the dream, or even death.

History Edit

The forest first comes to Nier's attention after returning from Façade and receiving a strange dream. He thinks nothing of it at first, until he finds out that Yonah had also dreamt something similar, and later on is given a letter from Popola. Nier decides to head out, hoping to see whether there really could be a Sealed Verse in the forest.

Upon speaking with the mayor, he and Grimoire Weiss find themselves sucked in another dream, where the only way out was to answer the three riddles imposed on the two. The figure that spoke to Nier in the dream leaves him with some parting words that would have him wondering as to what they meant.

The party would come back here after the timeskip in search of a key fragment, which Nier and Weiss happen to find from a Shade that had been eating the large tree's memories. After collecting all five fragments, the Fortune-teller makes her services available to Nier, and offers him a fortune reading that somehow sends him and his party back to the same supermarket the original Nier fought in long ago.

Points of Interest Edit

Forest Save RG
The Forest of Myth features a mailbox past the gate.

Nier mayor
The forest's only inhabitants consist of the mayor and three other villagers, with two of them afflicted by the Deathdream when visited for the first time.

The Magical Stone
The Fortune-teller becomes available after all key fragments have been obtained. Reading Nier's fortune after retrieving the Eye of Power sends him and his party back to an area in the past, and can be returned to at any time.

Notes Edit

  • The Fortune-teller will only reappear on subsequent playthroughs once all key fragments have been obtained.
  • The Forest of Myth hosts two weapons, accessible via optional means:
    • The mayor will award Faith to the player if both villagers are cured of the Deathdream. It can be bought from the Blacksmith at The Aerie during the second half of the game, if skipped.
    • Nier's dream is one of two locations where the Iron Pipe can be acquired. It is also automatically awarded to the player after beating the game once.

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