Fyra, also known as Vier in the Japanese release, is a girl who was sent to Façade when she was young.


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Since Fyra came to the city without a family, she was bound by a rule that instructed her not to speak. She first met the King of Façade when she was confused by the numerous rules that govern the city, and his words "rules do not exist to bind you, they exist so you may know your freedoms" have served as emotional support to her since then. Her shy kindness belies a strong inner fortitude that knows no bounds, and the assistance she gives Nier and his companions becomes even more valuable when they learn that Kainé once saved her from death in the desert. She gives the group a tour of the city, after Nier helps her gather her things when she trips and drops everything, and explains the many rules to them.

Five years after first meeting Nier and his companions, she has grown into (according to Weiss) a fine example of womanhood and is to be the bride of the King of Façade. She is later killed by the alpha wolf Shade Roc following their wedding. Her death is avenged by the main party, along with the king and his men. She was apparently well-loved by her people, despite her harsh background.


Fyra concept art
Imginfo-iconConcept art.
Imginfo-iconFyra as a child.
Imginfo-iconThe king and Fyra's wedding.
Imginfo-iconFyra, after being attacked by Roc.
Imginfo-iconThe king holding Fyra in her last moments of life.
Imginfo-iconCharacter designer D.K.'s rough Nier sketches


  • Vier is German for "Four".[1] Likewise, Fyra stands for "four" in Swedish.
  • According to a back story in Grimoire Nier, Fyra's face was badly burnt and as a result her family sent her away, not wanting to have a disgrace in their home.
  • She was one of the earliest characters created for Nier due to the wolves' story being made first. She and the King were once considered for the main protagonist positions in the main narrative. Yoko Taro says Fyra is his favorite character since the idea of creating replicants into the world also originated from their earliest incarnations.


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