Grün is a boss unit in NieR:Automata that is encountered in Chapter 07-02: The Aircraft Carrier upon reaching the Flooded City, under request from Anemone.


A machine lifeform of extreme size that was developed specifically to annihilate androids. however, due to its tendency to also destroy its fellow machines, it was eventually discarded into the sea. The part that was initially thought to be its entire body turned out to be merely its head, causing this colossus to reach over 1,000 meters into the sky when standing. Seemingly invincible due to powerful EMP defenses and thick armor, the unit was eventually destroyed when 9S directed missiles straight into its mouth.


  • The huge machine requires several stages to take down, including destroying its EMP cores, blasting at its mouth with artillery and again with missile strikes.
  • The machine also commands the assistance of hundreds of Small Flyers to defend it.
  • Strong arm attacks will knock the player back on their advance to destroy the EMP cores.
  • In order to destroy the cores, the player must destroy each of the four lasers and then the huge core in the center.
  • The EMP core utilizes four high-powered lasers and standard slow energy projectiles. Once exposed, the core itself uses strange spherical projectiles.


  • He is probably named after the 19th-century German political theorist Karl Theodor Ferdinand Grün (who published under the name Ernst von der Haide), who was a figure in early Marxism (though later criticized by Marx) and took part in the failed German revolutions of 1848–49.