Hansel and Gretel are bosses in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER). They are the pair of Gestalts that guard Grimoire Weiss in the Lost Shrine. They hold great trust in each other, have very high self-esteem, and take pride in their time spent guarding Grimoire Weiss.


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Hansel and Gretel are first encountered by Nier in the Lost Shrine, guarding Grimoire Weiss. After awakening the book, the statues awaken and attack Nier. With the help of the magic supplied by Weiss, Nier destroyed Hansel and disabled Gretel temporarily. The Lost Shrine then started to collapse, and Nier escapes with Yonah and Weiss.

After Hansel was destroyed by Nier, Gretel sunk into a period of madness, and for a long time appeared to have lost its heart. However, it was touched by the gentleness of the small Shades, whom it once looked down upon due to its arrogance, and began to feel shame at how prideful they used to be. In the end, it acknowledged the small Shades as its comrades, and wished to become stronger to protect them. However, it was defeated along with the small Shades it was supposed to protect by Nier yet again, who was looking for clues to the Shadowlord’s castle.



  • Their names come from the Grimm fairytale Hänsel and Gretel.[1]