Iron Pipe is a weapon in NieR:Automata. It has wildly varying damage output on every swing but also has one of the highest maximum damage values out of any weapon.


A rusty iron pipe covered in the vital fluids of machine lifeforms.
― In-game description


Weapon Story

Dad, if you're cold, I can give you my hat.
You're the best father in the world, after all!

Dad, if you're hungry, you can have my cookie.
You're my favorite person in the world, after all!

Dad, if you're scared, I can sleep by your side.
You're my closest friend in the world, after all!

So please don't go anywhere. All right, Dad?
Don't leave your Yonah all alone.


  • Critical + adds a chance to critical hit. It is not subject to the Plug-In Chip "effect limit," and is instead applied in addition to it.
  • High Stun adds a high probability of stunning enemies.
  • The Nier that is referenced depends on the weapon story's language (father Nier for English, brother Nier for Japanese).

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