Jakob, also known as Jiminy in Nier Replicant, is the elder brother of Gideon who lives at the foot of Junk Heap.


Ever since his mother disappeared with her lover, he entered the Junk Heap to collect metals and robot parts, making a living by reinforcing weapons with them. Although he knew why his mother left and that she’s dead, he’s strong enough to keep up a brave front before his brother. Through his dealings with Nier, he realized that he admired his mother even though she was terrible. In the end, he was caught beneath falling machines due to his brother’s mistake and died.


Imginfo-iconCharacter designer D.K.'s Shinjuku series


  • In the Grimoire Nier Short Story 'The Demonic Mountain', he briefly blocks off the entrance to the Scrap Heap and considers crippling Gideon to keep him from entering in search of their mother.
  • In RepliCant, he is named after the cricket from The Adventures of Pinocchio.[1]


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