The Junk Heap is a location in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt. It consists of the abandoned military base, as well as Gideon and Jakob's home right outside. Nier comes back here during the second half of the game to retrieve the Law of Robotics key fragment, one of five required for entry into the Shadowlord's Castle.


The area mainly hosts robots from the old world, and is still largely operational as the power somehow hasn't been cut off. The rails in the basement are armed with wall turrets and flying robots, and shift the camera to a top-down perspective, lending the gameplay a resemblance to bullet hell games. The item drops inside house a wealth of raw materials, while the crates at the entrance feature the area's only source of recovery items.

The outside is also the only place where Mouse Tails can be found, along with the only vendor able to upgrade Nier's weapons. Both the Nameless Blade and Iron Will are upgraded to level 2 as part of the storyline.


Top-down gameplay from floor B2.

When Nier and Grimoire Weiss first come to the Junk Heap, they encounter the two brothers, Jakob and Gideon, who live in a shack right outside. Nier talks to them about strengthening his weapon, and is asked to retrieve three Titanium Alloys from inside for Jakob to work with. Nier complies and goes inside the Junk Heap, fighting many guard robots that attack the party.

After collecting three of them, Nier returns to the brothers' shop. After Gideon cries about his missing mother, Jakob reluctantly asks Nier to help them find her. He goes deep within the Junk Heap to search for the missing mother. After going to the bottom and defeating Defense System Geppetto, they find the missing mother's body, along with that of her lover.

In the second part of the game, a flashback is shown of Gideon and Jakob going into the Junk Heap. Gideon accidentally causes his brother's death, but blames it on the Shade and robot nearby. When Nier goes back to the area, he is asked to destroy the robot and Shade that Gideon believes killed his brother. The two are found at the bottom of the Junk Heap, and are subsequently defeated.

Attempting to visit the area while playing as Kainé in NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... en route to Ending E reveals that the Junk Heap has since been closed down three years after the events at the Shadowlord's Castle. The closure was caused by an increase in the number of robots being produced inside the mountain, per the notice left at the gate by Two Brothers Weaponry.

Points of Interest

Beastcurse RG location.png
The Junk Heap features three mailboxes: one outside, and two just before the Weapons Testing Area at different spots. Beastcurse is in a box to the left of the third save point.

Junk Heap Boss.png
Defense System Geppetto and P-33 are fought at the site's Weapons Testing Area as part of the game's storyline.

Contractor Objective.png
Home to an assortment of robots that each drop valuable upgrade materials.

Junk Heap B1 RG.png
Features the first instance of mine carts, and barriers that break by throwing bombs that spawn from destroying turrets. The initial path is blocked by rubble after defeating Geppetto.

Junk Heap B2.png
Features the only part of the Junk Heap where P-32 robots can be found. Guaranteed to drop Memory Alloys when sent by Gideon to search for materials needed to repair Iron Will.

The Shade Army Objective.png
Used only during The Shade Army, the party will have to fix the elevator in order to clear the Shades taking shelter on the second floor.

Dudebros Weaponry.png
Two Brothers Weaponry becomes available sometime after facing Hook outside The Aerie. Gideon later on becomes the shop's sole proprietor after the timeskip.


  • Two Brothers Weaponry will be briefly unavailable after the timeskip. The shop opens up once the Stone Guardian key fragment has been obtained.
  • Except for the Weapons Testing Area, each floor is identical in design, making it easy to get lost. The map will have to be pulled out from time to time for reorientation.
  • Father Nier carries bombs much faster than Brother Nier during the first half of the game, due to the former already possessing an adult's physique.