Kainé's Sword is a weapon in NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139.... It is one of Kainé's signature blades and can be acquired by Nier after viewing Ending E.

Its inclusion in usable form marks its first proper appearance in the series; the weapon was previously available as downloadable content for Drakengard 3.


A sword wielded by a woman who loved killing. There were originally two, but one broke in the midst of a fierce battle.


  • Listen to "A Parting Greeting" in the Options menu after viewing Ending E. The sword will then be waiting at Kainé's shack outside The Aerie.

Weapon Story

She fears.

She fears the pain. The suffering. The sadness of losing those she cherishes. However faint, that feeling alone remained with her.

She fights.

Her swordsmanship is so violent, it wards off sorrow itself. Nothing can stop her vengeful blade its grim work, not even the fountains of blood that cloud her vision.

She dreams.

The darkness sings to her of solitude and despair, but she resists, time and again, never breaking.

She presses on.

Even if the future that awaits has no meaning, she presses on.

Because this is the world with Nier.


  • This has the highest attack power of any weapon in the game by far, especially at base level.