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"Finding light in the bad times is the mark of a true leader."
Nier, about the King of Facade

The young King of Façade reigns over the desert city, Façade, which is governed by thousands of rules. Though he is the greatest violator of these sacred rules that the citizens of Façade hold above all else, the King of Façade is a thoughtful and generous king who is dedicated to securing the prosperity of his nation. To this end, he has earned the respect of his people by fighting the never-ending challenges of finding food and water and fearlessly battling back the impending threat of Shades and continuous attacks by desert wolves. He is often reminded of various rules by the Advisor.

Story[edit | edit source]

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He was first met by Nier, when they explored the temple in the desert. To regain the country’s lost trust as a result of his father dying from the Black Scrawl, he entered the Barren Temple to obtain the Royal Mask, the city's proof of kingship.

Five years later, the King had turned into a successful leader, and was undergoing marriage preparations with Fyra. He invited his old friends to the ceremony, and just before he and Fyra were officially wed, she was killed by Roc, who had infiltrated the city with his pack. Wracked with grief and rage, the king, along with his friends and army, avenged her death by going to the wolves' den and slaughtering them all.

Death[edit | edit source]

When Nier is in the Shadowlord's Castle, the King and his men arrive to help him fight off Goose, the boar Shade that had been pursuing the party endlessly. At the end of the fight, despite being fatally wounded, he succeeds in killing Goose and falls to the ground, promising to see Fyra again after he dies.

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SINoALICE[edit | edit source]

During SINoALICE's NieR Replicant collaboration revival, players could obtain Wabi-Sabi, the polearm that unlocks the King of Facade & Fyra/Paladin, through the collaboration gacha with a payment of 150 or 300 crystals. Alternatively, Replicant Medals (Revival) can be exchanged for individual exchange rates (1,500 for the job or weapon only). It is the second dual character class in the social game to only have one available fighter: the King.

Wabi-Sabi's story takes place after Nier creates Rule 0, with a royal aide overseeing the proposals for new rules. Rule 451 is justified by someone who loves to drink. The aide decides to observe the people's reactions before dealing judgment. Fyra proposes Rule 356 with the reasoning that she wishes to spend more time with the king, a notion which the aide hesitates to pass. The justification for Rule 68 thanks the attendant's hard work and asks them to take an occasional break. In his long years of service, the aide surmises it was written by the king and is moved by his lord's generosity.

In the end, the only rule which was vetoed was Rule 451.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Yoko Taro personally considers the King to be "the hero" in a sense that he was the hero for the wolves' story, the first story to be created for NieR. He also follows a traditional hero's arc and has an established love interest. He and Fyra were once considered candidates for main protagonists. The idea of creating Replicants into the world also originated from their earliest incarnations.
  • When he first gains the mask in the first part of the game, he imitates Link from The Legend of Zelda, with a similar tune playing.
  • His real name is “Sechs”, the number 6 in German.[1]

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