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Kusanagi is a weapon in NieR and NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139.... It is the default two-handed sword, in Nier's possession automatically halfway through the game. How or when he acquired it in those five years is unknown.


"A man whose fiancée was spirited away by an eight-headed beast used this sword to smite his foe."
— In-game description


  • Acquired at the start of the second half of the game, along with Transience.

Weapon Story[]

The shield left hanging on the wall was covered in dust.
The blade left in its scabbard had rusted over.
The techniques I hadn't used were forgotten.
The body I was to train was left to grow soft.
I had lost the will to practice discipline.

I thought things would end without a single word said.
I pretended not to see violence inflicted by others.
I had given up, assuming things would never change.
I believed there was no way to oppose such a great power.
I sneered at hearts that tried to believe anyway.

I laughed, thinking them brainless fools.
Those were the thoughts I had taken refuge in.
I had given up, believing nothing was possible in the end.
I lamented the foolishness and ugliness of it all.
My life had lost all meaning.

I had lost sight of those who were precious to me.
I could not believe in their kindness.
I was unable to save them from the grief that tore at their hearts.
I had forgotten the courage it takes to protect the smallest of joys.
I believed my words would never reach you.

The shield fastened to the wall gathered dust.
The sword kept within its sheath rusted.
I forgot skills that I no longer use.
I left my trained body as it is.
I lost my judging heart.

I thought that this could end without me telling anyone.
I saw others’ violence, and pretended not to see.
I gave up since I couldn’t change it anyway.
I thought that I couldn’t go against great strength.
I laughed at the hearts that believed.

I laughed at them for being worthless.
That’s how I ran from everything.
I gave up, thinking that it was impossible.
Foolishness and ugliness brought me much lament.
I lost my life’s meaning.

I lost sight of my treasured person.
I could not keep believing in their gentleness.
I could not save them from heart-tearing sorrow.
I forgot the courage needed to protect mundane happiness.
Because I thought that these words will never reach them.