The Library is a recurring location in the series. The original is located in Nier's village, while a recreation of it appears in the Tower's lower section.



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The library is where Popola resides, and is also where many quests can be received. Its bookshelves can be interacted with in a limited fashion during several quests. Just across Popola's office is a trophy room, with a shelf for each boss that fills up on subsequent playthroughs.

During the massive Gestalt attack on the village, the library is used as a refuge for the villagers. The giant Shade known as the Jack of Hearts is imprisoned in the lower level of the building, with Kainé left petrified at the door as Nier was unable to hand her the key in time. The building is permanently damaged when the Shadowlord attacks it, leaving a large hole in the ceiling as he takes Yonah with him.


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A2 stumbles upon a copy of the library as she investigates the Tower near the end of the game. The room served as a data storage facility for the machine network, housing archives related to the lunar server, Yonah, and even her own file, which revealed that her personality data was used as a template for the new Type-E models.

While reading her record, Ko-Shi crashed through the roof, forcing her to confront the multi-legged Goliath. As it escaped, A2 headed toward the basement door, which instead led to an elevator to the Tower's upper section.

Points of Interest

Village Popola Start.png
Popola provides Nier with work, medicine for Yonah, and assistance with his current quests.

Trophy Room 1080.png
Nier and Grimoire Weiss can inspect the shelves here. The room will fill up on subsequent runs.

Library Bookshelves.png
A2 discovers various archives such as (Top Secret) Model No.2, Library Index, Human Server Records and Class 1 Patient Health Record.

Library Office.png
A small, cluttered office containing a chest with valuable loot.

Library Showcase.png
A small, yet pristine showcase of various machine models containing a chest with recovery items.


  • The library in Automata is the only unmarked area to receive its own introductory cutscene.
  • Outside the Village's library is a man whose thoughts about Popola can be read when spoken to. He openly dedicates his life to protecting her during the game's second half, claiming that she is "too important and beautiful" to worry about Shades.
  • True to his word, the Village's item shopkeeper sends the child thieves to the library after completing Thieves in Training. The two will remain there on subsequent playthroughs.


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