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In NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER), the player will come across a selection of written entries from Yonah's diary and a mysterious source while moving between areas, with the latter more prominent while entering and leaving the library. More of Yonah's entries become available depending on where the player is in the storyline, and after one or more endings have been viewed.

This page contains a collection of documents taken from the loading screens, amended with the new entries from NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139....

Yonah's diary


Date Entry
July 20
  • Devola and Popola came to keep me company today. They even sang a song for me! It was really great! I need to practice so I can sing to Dad when he gets back.
  • Devola and Popola went back home. That made me lonely, so I ran around singing songs as loud as I could. But then that got kinda weird and scary, so I stopped.
August 31
  • The village is buzzing with excitement and stuff today! I dunno what happened, but Devola told me not to worry. At first I thought it was a festival, but now I don't know.
  • I guess a Shade came near the village today. People kept coming up to me and saying "Boy, we sure wish your father was around!" And I said, "Me too! Dad could kick the Shade's butt!"
September 11
  • Today is Dad's birthday, but he's not here. So I just had a party by myself!
  • Dad said he would come back home for my birthday, but I want to celebrate his birthday once in a while!
September 21
  • I wish I could meet the Kainé lady Dad told me about. I bet she's really nice and always says nice things. I wonder if that's what my mom was like?
  • Today Devola said that Kainé is "put together in all the right places". I don't know what all of that means, but I wanna be like that when I grow up!
October 28
  • I was tired today, so I stayed home and hid in bed. I could still hear Devola's singing from somewhere, though. Listening to her always makes me happy.
  • These black marks keep showing up on my body. Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to turn into a goblin or something, but thinking about it makes my stomach hurt, so I try not to.
December 1
  • Today Popola sent me a new book about a great big tree. I really hope it has a happy ending. There's nothing worse than a sad tree.
  • In the book, the big tree kept on waiting and waiting. I have to wait a lot, too. I wish I could do something.
December 22
  • The snow won't stop falling, so Dad said he'd stay here with me until it stops. He'll probably leave again when it does, so I kinda hope it snows forever.
January 30
  • Dad came back! He came back to see me! Yaaay, Dad!
  • Dad left pretty quick. He said he just stopped by so he could see my face.
February 4
  • I'm gonna learn to make awesome food for Dad. I better start working on a new secret recipe.
  • Once I finish my secret dish, I'm gonna feed it to Dad! Then he'll see how helpful I can be.
March 16
  • The boy who's always running around outside gave me a super pretty flower today! I wonder if Popola knows what it's called?
  • The flower wasn't in any of Devola's books, so she said I could name it whatever I want. Maybe I'll name it after Dad!
April 5
  • Got a letter from Dad today! He's in a far-away town where he can see the ocean. I hope I can see the ocean someday. I bet it's huge!
  • Whenever I read a letter from Dad, I really feel like I need to see him again.
May 4
  • I write Dad letters every single day. He always worries about me, but I feel fine.
  • I wish Dad would send me letters every day like I do. But I know he's busy, so every other day is okay.


Date Entry
July 20
  • Brother made a new friend, and guess what? He's a KING! I wish I had some friends...
  • Devola and Popola came over to play with me. It was so much fun—they sang for me and everything! I'm gonna practice real hard and sing for Kainé!
July 23
  • I borrowed a book about the ocean from Popola. It says the water is salty and you can't drink it... but I bet you can drink a LITTLE and still be okay, right?
  • No letters today either. I wonder if Popola knows when more are going to get here? I'll have to ask her tomorrow!
July 26
  • A girl in the village came to talk to me. She was upset about how loud and annoying her dad is. I wonder if my dad was like that?
August 1
  • I got a letter from Brother. He said there's a village where all the houses are attached to cliffs! I'd love to see it, but I'm scared of heights.
August 14
  • Once I get better, I want to go swimming in the ocean. I'm sure Brother will say it's too dangerous, but I know I'd be great at it!
September 10
  • Last night, Brother told me stories until I fell asleep, I don't remember anything he said, but boy, was I happy!
September 17
  • I snuck some berries out of Brother's bag that were really sour. I'm gonna use them in my secret recipe, hee hee!
September 29
  • It was suuuper nice out today, so Brother and I did the laundry. Nothing feels better than getting everything nice and clean!
October 1
  • I asked Devola if hooch tastes good and she said it's the best thing in the world. She said we can have some together when I'm all grown up!
October 31
  • I made stew today. It was my first time, so I was pretty worried how it would taste, but Brother ate the whole thing!
November 18
  • Today I cleaned the house all by myself. I'm getting good at doing chores! I hope that makes Brother happy...
November 22
  • Brother told me a story before bedtime the other day about a husband and wife with matching red bags. He said they fight all the time, but also get along great?
  • Devola came over to visit today, and drank a bunch of something she called "hooch." She loves it. It was cute when she started meowing like a cat!
November 23
  • Brother always leaves for work really early in the morning. I want to see him off, so I'm gonna do my best to wake up early, too!
December 6
  • Brother brought a chick home with him! It makes little chirps and follows me around and it's JUST THE CUTEST THING EVER!
December 12
  • I held hands with Brother when we walked home today. His hands are so much bigger than mine, and they're really warm!
December 20
  • Brother planted some seeds in our garden. I hope they were pumpkin seeds—I love pumpkins!
December 22
  • A merchant passed through the village today, and she just kept pulling the craziest stuff out of her big bag! She said her name was Accord.
  • It won't stop snowing. But that's okay, because Kainé will stay here with me until it does. I hope she doesn't leave when it stops...
January 4
  • I decided to go look for a flower on my own and it ended up causing trouble for Brother. I hope he doesn't hate me...
January 21
  • Brother seemed kinda tired lately. I'd better make him something tasty to get him back on his feet!
January 30
  • Kainé came to see me! She came all the way here just to see ME!
  • Kainé stopped by, but then left right away. She said she just wanted to see my face.
February 3
  • Devola told me that I won't grow if I keep being picky about what I eat—but I still think carrots are gross.
February 4
  • Once I'm done with my secret recipe, Kainé will be the first one to eat it! Isn't it nice to have someone so helpful around, Kainé?
  • I've decided I want to get really good at cooking so I can make Kainé something that knocks her socks off. It'll be my super-secret signature dish!
February 14
  • I got a letter from Emil. He said Brother is super strong and really, REALLY cool! I hope I can see him kick butt someday...
February 16
  • I hope I can have a good talk with Brother tomorrow. I just want him to stay home with me more.
March 7
March 20
  • I feel GREAT today! No cough, no fever—watch out world, because Yonah's coming out to play!
March 29
  • This is the first time in a while I've written in my diary. I was reading my older entries and just couldn't help myself!
April 4
  • I heard there are boars outside the village that are really scary if you make them mad. Now I'm worried about Brother all over again!
April 5
  • I was reading a letter from Kainé and realized that I really miss her...
  • I got a letter from Kainé! She said there's a town far, far away where you can see the ocean. I wish I could see it, too. I wonder how big it is?
April 11
  • Brother and Weissey are always together. He says even though the argue a lot, they're actually good friends. I wish I could travel with Brother sometimes...
April 14
  • I got a letter from Brother. He says there's a city where people talk with special words! How cool! I want to try talking to them!
  • Brother brought home a fish today. He said it was really tough to catch, and I believe him! It flopped around so much, it was kinda scary...
April 20
  • The mailbox was empty today. I hope I get a letter from Brother tomorrow.
April 22
  • I saw Brother reading Mom's diary. I tried reading it once, too, but it was filled with all these hard words and I didn't get it at all.
  • I had a dream where I was all grown up. I was running around happy and healthy and it was SO fun! I wish I didn't have to wake up.
May 4
  • I write letters every single day, but sometimes I wonder if Kainé will worry if I send too many. I'd better write her and say I'm doing great!
  • I wish I could get a letter from Kainé every day. I wonder if it would bother her to know that?
May 12
  • My cough just wouldn't quit today. I bet Brother would have rubbed my back if he was here...
June 6
  • Today is Brother's birthday, but he's not here. So I just had a party by myself!
  • Brother said he would come back home for my birthday, but I want to celebrate his birthday once in a while!
  • I had tears in my eyes when I woke up this morning. I must have had a really sad dream. Maybe I'll talk to Kainé about it the next time I see her.
  • Kainé said she'd come visit for my birthday, but I wish we could celebrate HER birthday sometime. That'd be so fun!
June 10
  • I had a really weird dream yesterday where me and Brother were holding hands and dancing in circles together.
June 12
  • There was a wedding in the village today. The bride wore a white dress that was really, really pretty.

Experiment logs


Date Entry
May 18, 2004
Case Report 05/18/2004
  • Mutations found in subcutaneous cell structure.
  • Rise in mental disorders believed to be caused by external factors.
  • Airborne transmission most likely mechanism.
Research into effective treatments is underway.
February 6, 2008
Damage Report 02/06/2008
  • Wall of Jericho collapsed.
  • 5,000 people believed dead.
  • Requests for reinforcements streaming in from multiple locations.
We continue to monitor the situation.
June 6, 2010
Founder Research Report 06/06/2010
  • Physical attacks useless.
  • Thermonuclear attacks useless.
  • Unknown particles have been detected.
Dealing with the situation will require proving the multi-origin theory.
February 9, 2016
New Medication Cycle 02/09/2016
  • Observed to slow the progress of white chlorination.
  • No unusual readings seen in subject.
  • Send records directly to Cabinet Command Room.
March 1, 2030
Death Confirmation 03/01/2030
  • Body 99.999% likely that of Red Eye.
  • Death of Red Eye confirmed.
  • 13th Expeditionary Force ordered home.
  • Legion movements untraceable.
August 7, 2032
New Technology Report 08/07/2032
Although the resultant white chlorination syndrome infection makes ours an imperfect solution, we have reason to expect some positive results. Testing will begin on the previously selected subjects; recordkeeping on the procedure's safety is top priority.
September 30, 2032
World Purification Commission Report 09/30/2032
The first detachment is functioning properly. However, continued caution will be required well into the future. A discussion about dealing with relapse cases will be deferred to the next conference.
June 23, 2033
Abnormalities 06/23/2033
Several deleterious abnormalities have been found with a subject in the early stages of treatment, including a relapse state resulting in a total loss of self. We will investigate the cause of this error and submit a countermeasure plan immediately.
January 15, 2034
Successful Test Case 01/15/2034
A successful test case has been discovered and detained. The specimen's cooperation has been requested according to predetermined stipulations. Treatment of the specimen will continue on a classified basis until we determine why our results have such a wide range of variations.
December 28, 2034
Transition into Sleep Mode 12/28/2034
Transition into sleep mode is proceeding smoothly. All that remains is to pray for Project Gestalt's ultimate success.
May god have mercy on us all.


Date Entry
July 24, 2026
National Weapons Laboratory 07/24/2026
We have verified a level of compatibility between the donor bodies and the weapons brought in by the Accord Corporation. We will continue using them as subjects for research as we move forward with Project Number 6.