The Lost Shrine is a location in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt. It is the first location that the player is able to visit outside of Nier's village. When Yonah goes missing, Nier heads to the shrine to search for her. He finds her at the top and has to fight Hansel & Gretel, awakening Grimoire Weiss and gaining him as a party member.


The Lost Shrine is a massive structure resting on a pillar of stone within a deep crater, not far from the village. The shrine may have been an apartment building or hotel from the old world, as the layout is similar to them; rooms with appliances, such as a bathtub, can be found. The canyon's edges are lined with old world dams, suggesting that it might have also been a resort island getaway.

The shrine was in a state of disrepair due to the passage of time, as the entire upper floor was heavily damaged and the decorative tree in the center of the shrine had grown too large, damaging the spiral staircase. The uppermost level of the shrine contained both Grimoire Weiss, with his guards Hansel & Gretel, and the portal to the Shadowlord's Castle. According to Tyrann, this is where incomplete Gestalts tend to be located.

Points of Interest

Shrine Save.png
The area's only mailbox is situated before the chamber leading to Grimoire Weiss.

Shrine Boss.png
Hansel & Gretel are fought in the chamber, along with Kainé in her Shade form during the game's second half.

Shrine Chamber RG.png
The shrine features the only way to the Shadowlord's Castle, accessible by collecting all five key fragments scattered throughout the world.

Nirvana Dagger RG location.png
The Nirvana Dagger can be found in a crate just before the second ladder in the main hall.

Beastlord RG location.png
Beastlord will be found in a crate to the right of the chamber door.

The Devil Queen RG location.png
The Devil Queen can be found in the leftmost box when taking the rear path to the shrine.

Lost Shrine Map Location.png
The map of the Lost Shrine is in a crate going up the staircase from the base of the shrine.


  • After saving Yonah, the Lost Shrine becomes unavailable for access until the second half of the game. Subsequent visits from that point require the use of the ferry, which takes the player to the shrine's rear path.
  • Once the Eye of Power is retrieved, the player can head to the Shadowlord's Castle and have Devola and Popola send them back to the Village, for a quicker way back down.
  • In NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139..., the music inside the Lost Shrine now changes to a dynamic version of Snow in Summer once all five key fragments have been obtained.