Nier giving Yonah a Lunar Tear.

The Lunar Tear is a rare flower found in NIER. It is said to grow in the Lost Shrine. It is also said that it can grant any wish.



Involvement with NierEdit

Nier speaks with Yonah about the Lunar Tear, telling her that it can grant one wish to anyone who finds it, and this causes her to sneak out of the village and try to find one in the Lost Shrine.

The achievement, Legendary Gardener, is for successfully cultivating a Lunar Tear.

In the Grimoire Nier, the white flowers in the lake near Nier's house are said to be from when Nier was constructing a hair pin/ribbon out of Lunar Tears, while waiting to see Yonah and Kainé again. He had several failed attempts before finally being able to make one. He couldn't bear to throw the flowers from the failed attempts away, so he decorated the lake with them.

Involvement with KainéEdit


Kainé's gift from her grandmother.

When Kainé was young and still lived with her grandmother, she was given a lei of Lunar Tears. This same one was found in Kainé's Shack and almost taken by Nier, but Kainé attacked him before he could.

Ending DEdit

Lunar tear1

Title Screen after finishing Ending D.

After obtaining Ending D, all save files will be erased. But, when going back to the title screen, a Lunar Tear now appears.

NieR: AutomataEdit

"Something about this flower fills me with an emotion I don't really understand. It's like something's pushing down on my chest really hard..."
—Emil's thoughts about the Lunar Tear

Lunar Tears play a role in the quest Emil's Memories. 2B and 9S are tasked with finding the Lunar Tears and informing Emil, as they restore parts of Emil's memories. As a reward, players obtain the Lunar Tear as a Key Item. Once used while playing as 2B it appears in her hair, similar to Kainé.


  • The flower is the third question's answer for the Nier Replicant x SINoALICE collaboration Twitter quiz.
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