Marx is a boss unit in NieR:Automata, and the first one faced in the game.


A massive Goliath-class machine lifeform that resembles heavy machinery of old. While it appears to have been constructed solely for its destructive abilities, a closer look at its features tells a different story. While in combat, it comes after foes with a repurposed bucket-wheel excavator.


  • This is the first Goliath-class enemy the player will face.
  • There are a total of three Marx units which can be encountered: one in 2B's Defense Machine Battle, and two in 2B's Defense Machine Battle 2.
  • The individual buckets which make up the wheel can be destroyed, making the unit's attacks less effective.


  • This boss is a reference to Karl Marx, German economist, historian, political theorist, sociologist, journalist, and founder of Marxism.
  • A single Marx unit forms an entire arm of an Engels unit, with whom it takes its name after German philosopher Friedrich Engels. He aided Marx in the construction of Communist theory.


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