Masamune is a secret friendly unit and weapon vendor in NieR:Automata. This machine is especially gifted in the art of smithy and is able to upgrade any weapon to its final stage.


A blacksmith in the forest kingdom. His teacher was a master craftsman, known for improving the 8 legendary weapons of Virtue and Cruelty. He separated himself from the network due to an internal malfunction, so he is no longer hostile towards androids. He loves weapons more than anything, and as proof of your respect for weapons, he grants you the weapon his teacher honed.


  • Unlike the other weapon vendors, Masamune is able to upgrade your Weapons to level 4 (provided you have the required materials).
    • After upgrading any weapon to its final stage, he will reward you with the weapon Cruel Lament.
  • He can be located by transporting to the Forest Castle: Royal Chamber, heading right, toward the bridge, and jumping to the floor directly below. Proceed to walk to the left until you encounter a cube-shaped crate and move it to the right by interacting with it and walking backwards. Simply jump over the crate to reveal the blacksmith's hidden workshop.


  • Masamune may be inspired by the old Japanse blacksmith Masamune Ozaki (considered one of the best in Japan) This may be reinforcing since in the game Masamune is the only blacksmith who can improve weapons to lv4 while Masamune Ozaki forged sword with a quality far superior to other blacksmiths of his time.