"Climate change wasn't the cause of our woes. It was only a symptom. The real trouble started when something terrible came down from the sky... It seems that this event turned the world into a "metropolis of salt." I guess they're talking about how most of the cities sunk into the ocean?"
― NPC in the Library

Maso (魔素, lit. "magic element") is the name given to an extradimensional chemical element brought into the NieR world by the Dragon and the Giant.

The maso from the Giant caused the White Chlorination Syndrome and the creation of the world-threatening Legions and their commander, the Red Eye, while the maso from the Dragon was used to develop magic and was utilized to create weapons like No. 6. It is also the basis of Project Gestalt, started to preserve humanity until the removal of the Giant's maso from the world.

During the sleep of the Gestalts, the Androids and the Replicants destroyed the last of the Legions and used magic to send the rest of the Giant's maso into another dimension.

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