The NieR Wikia has a few basic rules in order for our users and contributors to enjoy using and editing the Wikia. These likely go without saying but you have been warned.

  1. Friendly Communication - Not everyone is going to get along however when in heated discussions try to be civil and remember you are on a public platform.
  2. Spam, Racism, NSFW - Again, a public platform just keep it safe for work. Don't post anything you wouldn't say to a colleague at work.
  3. Use of Information - Please make sure you are posting correct and verified information ESPECIALLY on high-traffic pages like the game's main page. You can make a forum, comment or talk page for speculative posts.
  4. Disrespecting the WIki - If you are caught vandalizing the wikia in any way do not expect to get away with it. This includes but is not limited to: obvious false information, moving & deleting pages and destructive edits on existing pages.

Any infractions can lead to a block from the wikia and if serious enough further action will be taken. I.E if you are making false accusations on important pages such as the NieR:Automata main page you will get a direct and permanent IP ban.

If you feel like you have been unfairly banned you can contact ThePureChaos on my talk page.